Justus is 2! – Kamloops Storytelling Photographer

Birthday parties are one of my favourite things to document!  I love the festive atmosphere, the bright colours, watching the joy and excitement of the birthday boy or girl, and CAKE – yup, cake is my favourite!  I’ve been documenting this little guy’s life since I had the privilege of photographing his birth!  This is his 2nd birthday, but next month, he’s going to turn 4!!  The youngest of 6 children, Justus has one of the biggest personalities out of all the siblings!  I’ve never seen a two year old as “into” a birthday party as he was.  (You should have seen the way he DESTROYED the cake at his one year cake smash!  LOL)  Two years later, these photos still make me smile from ear to ear!  I dare you not to smile….

Oh, and one more thing?  How many times can you spot the red boots?!


Look at this beautiful momma, rockin’ the party clean up!IMG_1208~Peggy


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