Sweetnam Family Christmas Traditions – Kamloops Storytelling Photographer

What makes the Christmas season so magical?  Is it the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree?  The abundance of delicious foods and treats?  The piles of brightly wrapped gifts?  I think it’s different reasons for different families, but the common denominator is: Tradition.  In this world full of so much change and the next “new thing,” family Christmas traditions are one of the few things that we still hold sacred.  Yes, even Christmas traditions evolve and change a bit over time, but there is always that special something that gets passed from generation to generation.  When we take the time to celebrate those traditions year after year, it creates the magic that we call Christmas.

For this session, I was able to peek in on a morning of cookie baking and Christmas decoration sorting!  With 2 teenagers and a toddler, it was a fun time of hustle and bustle.  I especially loved how they just forgot I was there and enjoyed being a family together.






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