Alyssa’s Birth Story – Kamloops Birth Photographer

This little one decided it was finally time to make her appearance on a beautiful summer morning!  There were 2 little cuties filling the birthing pool when I arrived.  Soon, Grandma came and whisked them away for a pancake breakfast and the special kind of fun you can only have at Grandma’s house.  Things happened fast after that!  Mom had been labouring all night, so once her birthing team arrived, baby was welcomed into the world about 30 minutes later!  As always, it was an honour to be there to capture the story of Alyssa and her first few moments earth side…alyssabirth-3alyssabirth-1alyssabirth-2alyssabirth-4alyssabirth-5alyssabirth-6alyssabirth-8alyssabirth-9alyssabirth-10alyssabirth-11alyssabirth-13alyssabirth-14alyssabirth-18alyssabirth-20alyssabirth-21alyssabirth-22alyssabirth-24alyssabirth-25alyssabirth-26alyssabirth-29alyssabirth-32alyssabirth-34alyssabirth-35alyssabirth-37alyssabirth-39alyssabirth-40alyssabirth-41alyssabirth-44alyssabirth-47alyssabirth-53alyssabirth-54alyssabirth-56alyssabirth-59alyssabirth-65~Peggy


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