Roman’s Birth Story – Kamloops Birth Photographer

The night before Roman arrived into this world, I received a text message from my photographer bestie, Taqueesha Lightfoot, reminding me that she was headed to Vancouver for surgery and I was officially on call for the birth.  I had agreed to be her back up for this birth while she was away for surgery.  Just hours after Taqueesha left town, I received a text from this momma, giving me the heads up that she was having fairly regular contractions!  I spent the day getting my ducks in a row, and later that night it was time to head to the hospital.  Getting to photograph this birth was an unexpected and wonderful surprise, but do you want to know the other cool part about this story?  About 6 weeks before, I had put out a “model call” for a pregnant momma to participate in a storytelling maternity session.  The momma who was chosen for that maternity session was THIS momma who’s birth I was now at!  I had already met her and enjoyed a very fun, relaxing Saturday afternoon with their whole family.  I never dreamed that it was her birth that I was scheduled to be the back up for!  Enjoy the story of Roman’s birth…romanbirth-7romanbirth-9romanbirth-8romanbirth-14romanbirth-22romanbirth-24romanbirth-28romanbirth-36romanbirth-37romanbirth-42romanbirth-46romanbirth-50romanbirth-51romanbirth-57romanbirth-60romanbirth-62romanbirth-65romanbirth-68romanbirth-77romanbirth-82romanbirth-85romanbirth-88romanbirth-90romanbirth-99romanbirth-101romanbirth-102romanbirth-108romanbirth-111



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